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Collecting the finest in Metroid-related artwork.

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Deviations by the staff & submissions to the Metroid Database.


Samus plays the Cello from NES Tetris by MetroidDatabase
Samus plays the Cello from NES Tetris
Based on when you play Tetris Type-B and beat any of the level 9 stages.  Samus appears on 2 or higher.
For more information on every Samus cameo ever, check out our cameos page.

This painting was done for a certain person as a gift of gratitude.
The size is 11x14, acrylic on canvas.
Yes, I did elaborate on the colors a bit.
Very sad to see this one go; the colors are brilliant and the pixels are very clean.
Created in about 3 days.

If you'd like to follow my art, feel free to go to or follow me @pixelartpaintings on Instagram which is much more frequently updated.
Looks like DA has added a Facebook/Twitter-like Status Update section.  We will use this time to acknowledge our 18th Birthday!  Happy Birthday to us!


Metroid Database
United States
Welcome to the Metroid Database Official Deviant Art Gallery!

The staff of the MDb maintains this gallery with the dedication to collect the "best of the best" in Metroid fan art on DA. If we decide you have made a piece of art that is good enough to be displayed, we will add you.

We do not take suggestions from others' works elsewhere on DeviantArt.

Please also visit the MDb Bestiary: A compendium dedicated to chronicling every creature in the Metroid series! All art has been generously created by DeviantArtists!

Thanks for stopping by!
The Metroid Database is currently actively looking for new artists to join our Bestiary team.  If you are interested, please email your artwork/portfolio to with "MDb Bestiary Artist" on the subject.  

A few things to note:
Do NOT take it personally if you we do not get back to you.  
Those without artwork to show/portfolios will not be considered.
The Bestiary is 100% volunteer only and we do not offer any compensation beyond the satisfaction of having your work displayed on our site.

Thank you, and I hope to hear from all you interested artists!
--Infinity's End

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thanks for fave! ;)
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Hey, I didn't realize the Database has a Deviantart! Metroid is my favourite series and I defer to your website a lot when it comes to the games. See ya 'round Pikachu waves 
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O RAWR. I love metroid, but wait, i read one page in manga ,that saying Samus destroyed the Planet zebes ,just wait it was the planet from super nintendo, super metroid, that which Samus destroyed Mother Brain?! ?!

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